Our mission is to empower pet owners to provide superior veterinary services for their pets in the comfort of home.

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Ready, Set, Go!

February 04, 2016 was founded from an idea more than a decade in the making. Our mission is to make exemplary, affordable pet care and services available to all pet owners in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Our nation-wide network of certified veterinary and pet care professionals will provide services that are both affordable and guaranteed with up-front pricing and scheduled, on-time, at home visits no matter where you live. Read More

Food Recall and FDA Action against Unproven Drug Therapy

February 08, 2016

  • Salix Animal Health, LLC of Deerfield, FL is voluntarily expanding its recall of "Good 'n' Fun - Beefhide Chicken Sticks" because this product may be contaminated with Salmonella.
    You may call 800-338-4896 for any questions you may have.
  • July 10, 2015 FDA takes steps to prevent sales of unapproved kidney drugs for dogs and cats.

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Services is committed to providing superior home veterinary care services for all pets in the tradition of "house calls" once provided by physicians.

Aside from the convenience of having veterinary services provided in one's home, the immediate benefits of home pet health services is the decreased stress to your pets at a time when they may already be significantly ill. This is even more important during the end-of-life period, when owners and other pets may be even more affected.

How does it work?

From our website menu, you select the services you need, enter your ZIP Code, and's concierge team will then process your request and confirm all details via e-mail, SMS, or phone. It's that simple. We set up the appointment and take care of all the billing up front. You can contact our concierge team at any time via e-mail, or by phone.

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Are you a veterinary professional who is looking to expand your patient base and increase your revenue stream? Perhaps you are looking to take on new providers or associates? If you are interested in the opportunity to become a member of our Service Provider Network at the ground level and with long-term membership benefits that will only last for the initial sign-on period, all you have to do is register with our vendor portal. We are always searching for both standard and premier providers. A standard provider is a member of the network who participates on an as-available basis whereas premier providers are the first line providers for all customers in their regions.

The process is simple. Once you have registered with our vendor portal, our staff will contact you to confirm credentialing documentation and to answer any questions that you may have. Once your credentials have been verified and validated, you will be listed as an accredited and approved standard or premier status provider.

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Home Pet Euthanasia

When your pet is ready to journey over the Rainbow Bridge, rather than the sterile and frightening environment of a veterinarian's office, where the pet’s anxiety and fear levels are exponentially increased due to natural instincts. It is infinitely more humane, comfortable, and stress-free for your pet to embark upon his final journey in the tranquility, warmth and familiarity of his own home.